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Bad breath is caused by a group of ANAEROBIC Sulfure-producing Bacteria that naturally breed beneath the tongue's surface and in the throat. Certain conditions will trigger the rapid reproduction of these bacteria which cause bad breath. TheraBreath is the solution to stop the over-reproduction of these bacteria through it's patented oxygenating technology which is also known as OXYD-8

Bad breath - Signal of teeth and gum problem
Anaerobic Sulfur-producing bateria are the true villains in many oral disorders - from bad breath, swollen and bleeding gums to Gingivitis and Periodontal disease.
Bad breath's enemy : OXYD-8
TheraBreath's patented technology also known as OXYD-8 is made directly from "active CIO2" which is a strong oxidizing compound. It is stabilized and generates oxidizing power as soon as it enters your mouth. Together with other specific natural compounds makes TheraBreath the most potent formula to reduce bad breath with 24 hours confidence.
Stop brushing your teeth with harsh detergent!
Most of the toothpastes in the market carry an ingredient SLS which create foaming and a feeling of a cleanness. SLS actually is a harsh detergent tha may damage your gum tissue and teeth. TheraBreath's toothpaste does not contain SLS and therefore does not generate foaming.
Therabreath - A safe way to clean and protect your teeth and gum
TheraBreath products have a higher pH value which means it is non-acidic as acidic food and drink will cause the VSC (cause of Bad Breath) to grow more rapidly and create a bitter taste for many people.
Water (Neutral) 7 Less acidic
TheraBreath 8.2 An "antacid" rinse
TheraBreath's products are made in USA with the highest manufacturing and quality control standards as compared with products made in developing countries