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For people who have lost teeth, implants provide artificial teeth that look more natural and feel more secure. Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or support a bridge, full dentures or partial dentures.

Understanding implants
Think about your natural tooth. It has a root which is the part of the tooth that holds it firmly in your jawbone. Your tooth also has a crown, which is the portion above the gums - the part that you see in your mouth.

A dental implant replaces your lost tooth in a similar way, the implant fixture is fixed in your jawbone to give stability. Then, a crown is placed over the fixture to give you a natural looking tooth.
Advantages of dental implants
Implants are, increasingly, the treatment of choice for the replacement of teeth because they offer stability to artificial teeth. Many people now enjoy the confidence and comfort that dental implants can give them.

Implants can be used to replace just one tooth or it can support several artificial teeth. Your dentist can discuss with you how your replacement teeth can be designed.
Can anyone benefit from implants?
To have implants you must:
- be in good general health.
- have clean, healthy gums.
- be a non-smoker.
- be committed to keepy your new smile healthy with good, daily hygiene.
- have enough bone height and width in the area where the teeth are lost.

With modern techniques and materials, it may be possible to overcome difficulties posed by insufficient bone.
How long will the treatment take?
The insertion of the implant fixture usually takes less than an hour. However, it is essential for the bone to heal by fusing with the dental implant. This healing period can take about 3-6 months before the crowns, bridges, dentures to replace your lost teeth can be constructed over the implants.
What is involved in the treatment?
Implant treatment can sometimes involve several dentists. For example, you may need a dental surgeon to place the implant and another dentist to make the crown, bridge or denture. A thorough examination and diagnosis is essential for the success of the treatment. You would alos need to take some X-rays to determine whether there is enough bone for the implant placement. During the healing period, you will need to go back to your dentist for reviews and checks.

Many people have found that the time and investment to get dental implants is well worth it because implants are the next best thing to their natural teeth and smile.