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A fantastic smile looks great. You feel confident about your teeth. It's something to laugh about. Only correctly positioned teeth will remain healthy in the long term.

ideally orthodontic treatmen is carried out as early as possible, but with the today's high tech materials orthodontic materials orthodontic treament is no longer limited to children. Adults, too, can be treated and benefit from the same fantastic results.

Perfect aesthetics
Today's orthodontic treatment involves high tech The available technology helps to express gentle and physiologically correct forces on your teeth. Orthodontic treatment today can involved a removable and a fixed phase.

During the fixed treatment phase, brackets will be stuck to the teeth and a high tech wire will be tied to the brackets to instigate the tooth movement and eventually align your teeth. The new Forestadent Quick® brackets are extremely small and drastically improve the appearance of your brace. This brace helps your clinician to keep your appointments very short and reduce the overall treatment time drastically.
Short appointment. Speedy treatment
The aim of modern orthodontic treatment is speedy treatment progress. With Forestadent Quick® brackets not only the treatment moves faster but due to the extremely easy handling, it helps save time and the appointment can be shorter too.
Small is beautiful
Forestadent Quick® brackets are the smallest one piece selfligating bracket in the market. You benefit from great aesthetics.

Forestadent Quick® brackets are finished like a piece of jewellery which makes them extremely comfortable to wear
Quick Brackets at a glance
Great aesthetics - Smallest self ligating bracket in the market

Speedy treatment - Extremely low friction and no binding between the wire and the bracket

Shorter appointments - Easy bracket handling by us

Biocompatibility - Quick brackets are Ni-Free

Comfortable - Quick brackets have no sharp edges

Reliable - Patented bracket base minimizes risk of bracket debonding
Cases of Quick Brackets