Dental Implants
Orthodontics / Braces
Invisible Braces
At IT Dental Clinics, we strives to deliver high-quality dental care, and provides a full range of dental services, from a regular but very important half yearly check-up to a more detailed consultation about a dental condition and what the well-qualified dental surgeons at IT Dental can do to improve your appearance and the attendant confidance you may gain.
Long history of care and attention to patients
We have been serving Singaporeans, expatriates as well as patients who travelled to Singapore from all over the world, especially for treatment by IT Dental surgeons.
The latest diagostic and treatment equipments
Our equipments and techniques are the latest in high quality dental care and they include:
1. Computerized digital X-ray
2. Dental implants which replace missing teeth
3. intraoral high definition camera (so important for advanced diagnosis)
4. Aesthetic high tech ceramic crowns and veneers
5. Invisible braces
6. Teeth whitening
7. Comfortable dental couches and other excellent facilities
Dental implants and braces
Dental implants which are a much more acceptable alternative to artifiical dentures are as convenient as having your own teeth. The procedure is not particulary inconvenient to the patient. We have made hundreds of teenagers and adolescents happy by restoring their confidence with a beautiful set of re-arranged teeth that are the envy of many and we will be happy to show you some of the many successful "Before" and "After" photos.
Clear advise and recommendations
We encourage you to ask as many questions as you wish when you visit IT Dental surgeons and your case is explained to you in layman's language, without jargon, so that you will have a clear understanding of your condition and the treatment proposed as well as a fair cost estimation
We need your help too!
We strongly believe that excellent dental hygiene is a combination of professional advice and regular treatment, as well as your own personal routine.